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Having practiced family law in Virginia for over 25 years, I know the emotional and financial cost a divorce has on the entire family. Litigating child custody, visitation, child support, and spousal maintenance issues can be confusing and emotional for all parties involved.

As a collaborative family law attorney, I represent you in a setting that is not adversarial and takes a comprehensive approach to dispute resolution rather than litigating each and every issue in family court.

Residents of Hernico, Chesterfield, Hanover, New Kent, Powhatan, and Goochland counties are invited to contact the law office of Carol A. N. Breit, Attorney at Law, for a confidential consultation with an attorney who offers this alternative form of dispute resolution.

Experienced and Compassionate Representation

Individuals facing divorce and family law issues need compassionate and trustworthy support from their divorce lawyer during this extremely stressful time. Through the practice of collaborative family law, I will be your advocate as we meet with the other party to resolve issues in a non-adversarial manner.

In the collaborative family law process, the parties are able to focus on the issues that are important to each person. They write their own agreement. A settlement is not imposed by the court. This allows the parties to include issues and resolutions that a court cannot do.

I practice collaborative family law in the following areas:

  • Divorce
  • Custody of children
  • Visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Equitable distribution of assets
  • Paternity
  • Post-divorce modifications

As Your Lawyer, I Work for You

As your attorney, I work with a team of professionals, including the other lawyer, therapists, child psychologists, real estate agents, and financial planners, to resolve the issues among the parties rather than having to accept what the court deems as fair and just. These professionals are from the Richmond area and are readily available to assist clients from the metro Richmond area, West End, Powhatan, Midlothian, Hopewell, Prince George, Mechanicsville, Hanover, Ashland, and Colonial Heights.

Know the Benefits of Collaborative Family Law

Working through the collaborative family law process enables the parents to establish or maintain a good working relationship that they need as they continue to work together for the good of their children. The collaborative process also fosters an environment in which long-term decisions can be contemplated and reached rather then making decisions in the heat of the moment or having something imposed by the courts.

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I am also available to defend individuals charged with DUIs and other criminal offenses, or who have been injured through no fault of their own in motor vehicle accidents (involving cars, trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians) I also handle cases involving employment law.

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Individualized Treatment from a Trusted and Experienced Attorney
I represent people throughout Virginia (VA), including Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, Powhatan, Goochland, Caroline and Amelia counties incorporating the cities of Richmond, Petersburg, Ashland, Colonial Heights, Midlothian, Mechanicsville and Glen Allen, as well as the West End and Short Pump regions.

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Individualized Treatment from a Trusted and Experienced Attorney

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